Tropika Cake Pops

By Abbigail Damon

1 box Vanilla cake mix
1 cup Tropika, any flavour
1 cup ready-made cake frosting
Wooden skewers/lollypop sticks
2 cups white chocolate, melted

Step 1: Prepare cake according to the manufacturer’s instructions and soak with the Tropika.
Step 2: Allow to cool completely.
Step 3: Keep the box and using a knife gently poke small holes in the box for later.
Step 4: In a large mixing bowl combine the cake and frosting.
Step 5: Mix until small crumbs form.
Step 6: Form the crumbs into small balls.
Step 7: Dip the end of the skewers in melted chocolate before skewering the cake balls.
Step 8: Freeze for 2 hours.
Step 9: Dip cake pops in the chocolate and add the sprinkles.
Step 10: Stick them in the cake box to set.